Strategies for Successful Development

Process and technology for small teams building real software

Article Summary

Posted by S4SD (Seth Morris) on 2008/09/01

Major series and articles I find most useful to hand to people. This is not a list of all posts; use the Summary View or the Archives for that.

Miscellaneous process articles:

The No-Spec Spec:

The Dev Leads series, including planned articles:

  • Dev Leads pt 1- What is a Lead?
  • Dev Leads pt 2: Becoming a Lead
    Do you really want to be a lead?
    Routes to a lead position. Stepping into a lead role, either as a recognized or a de facto lead. New lead, old team. Transitioning from developer to lead. Leading from the outside.
  • Dev leads, pt 3: Forming teams
    From a group to a team. Establishing roles. Creating unity of purpose. New team members. Measuring team-ness. Giving feedback. Taking feedback.
  • Dev leads, pt 4: Existing teams
    Changing roles: from member to lead. Coming in from outside. Identifying existing culture Knowing when to make changes. Articulating change. Special concern: development responsibility as a newly-promoted lead.
  • Dev leads, pt 5: Leading technology
    Criteria. Design. Feasibility. Guidance.
  • Dev leads, pt 6a: Leading development – process items
    Technical specs. Requirement changes.
  • Dev leads, pt 6b: Leading development – Planning
    Estimates/costing. Scheduling. Research phases. When plans are vague.
  • Dev leads, pt 6c: Leading development – Tracking status
    Reporting changes. Interrelations. Checking in. Knowing what’s in the code.
  • Dev leads, pt 6d: Leading development – Shipping
    Integration. The QA/Dev relationship. Quality code.
  • Dev leads, pt 6e: Leading development – The Team
    Establishing team culture. Mentoring. Morale.
  • Dev leads, pt 7: Implementing process
    Code reviews/inspections. Postmortem/PLL. Documenting implementation. Dealing with other leads. Interacting with non-developers.
  • Dev leads, pt 8: Meetings
  • Dev leads, pt 9: Managing risk
  • Dev leads, pt 10: Managing your career
  • Dev leads, appendix: Special topics
    Position and person. Sending and seeking information. Being wrong. "I" and "We." Serving the company. Serving the team. Serving yourself.
  • Dev leads, appendix: Documents
    Templates, examples, and tools for leads.
  • Dev leads, appendix: The Dossier

(This post was back-dated so it doesn’t appear in the middle of the postings)


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